Zipping It All Up

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  • Date: October 10, 2010
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You know exactly where you are going, what flights to take, where to stay and that you’ll have a grand time. Of course, you already know what to pack. But how do a gazillion stuff like make up kits, five swimwear sets, a dozen clothes and Havaianas fit perfectly in a luggage?

Start it off by creating a packing list. Besides serving as a guide for your homebound repacking, a packing list keeps you on track of your stuff especially during ill-fated events of stolen or lost luggage. Be sure to do away with the eleventh hour packing. You don’t want to replace the excitement for your trip with unwanted panic!

Packing lightly and tightly always works! Precious space wasted, clothes wrinkling and important items left due to lack of room in the luggage can be eliminated. Consider highly the valuables to take with you on your carry-on luggage, such as traveler’s checks, medication, jewelry, keys and travel documents. Travelers attest that these items should never end up in checked luggage and should instead be easily accessible to you.

Make sure that all clothing and similar pieces are ironed as necessary before arranging them in the suitcase. Make sure that all buttons are buttoned, all zippers zipped. Fold everything like they are to end up in shelves in clothing stores. Remember that when the creases are fewer, there are better chances of having everything fit nicely in your suitcase. Try strategically rolling up skirts, t-shirts, jeans and the like. Position these properly in your duffel bag or travel pack.

Try overlapping flatly two pieces of clothing, folding them into each other. This way, clothes cushion the ones next to them and aid in defying possible wrinkles that are caused by placing them in together. Placing a piece of tissue paper between each stack and layer has been proven to prevent wrinkling. This interlocking of clothes is particularly ideal for packing in suitcases.

When packing, think chronologically. Place first or on top the items to be worn or used first. This helps you avoid disrupting an otherwise arranged set when looking for or picking up what you will wear from the pits of the pile. This calls for careful planning of your wardrobe for day and night events throughout the trip. When necessary, write down these clothes and the occasions that correspond to them. Make sure to double check this list to avoid the unnecessary hassles during the eventful days of your trip.

As tedious as it may sound, labeling your luggage inside and out helps you determine the things you are taking with you. Experts say it’s wise to label your luggage with your name and contact numbers, but not your address. To avoid confusion, remove old claim checks.

Take control of your luggage. It won’t hurt to know a few packing guidelines and acquire helpful tips. Check official sources such as the airlines and state laws on flying and traveling for unfamiliar places. Doing that research sure makes the difference!

Now, zip it up, kiss all the worrisome delays goodbye and get ready to take that trip of a lifetime!

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