Why you Should Purchase White Gold Medical Pendants?Every Shopper?s Guide

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  • Date: October 9, 2010
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If you’re afflicted with diabetes, or you require medication for a serious mood disorder which can attack you without warning while you’re in public places, it’s a good idea to have white gold medical pendants. Most of us go through life practically living with medical conditions which may or may not be apparent to the naked eye. These conditions are, most of the time, treatable but no longer curable by the present technology.

White gold medical pendants can be worn like a fashion accessory while protecting you from possible harm as well. In cases of emergency, the medic can simply look at your medical pendant, and they’ll know exactly what medication to administer if ever you suffer from an unexpected attack.

Where to get them

Special medical jewelry like white gold medical pendants can be purchased through medical jewelers. Most of these pendants are designed as ID tags (gold coin-like pendants) containing your medical institution’s logo and engraved with the details of your medical information and other important information.

These white gold medical pendants are worth much more than their materials and their make because they’ve been known to save lives in the past. After all, when you’re suffering from an attack, it’s very rare for you to actually instruct the medic about what to do. Most likely, you’ll be unable to speak or even be conscious in these situations.

Where to have them engraved

Usually, the medical jewelers themselves have these white gold medical pendants engraved according to your instructions or specifications. People allergic to peanuts, certain weeds, pollen, and more usually wear these ID jewelry items. They’re mostly available in 14k grade white or yellow gold, although white gold medical pendants are preferred by most clients.

You can also ask for just the plain pendant if you want to give this item as a gift. Most jewelers are willing to engrave these pendants even if they didn’t distribute it themselves. You might be asked to pay for some sort of service fee, though. Just make sure that the labeling format is correct, and all the information in the pendant is accurate. Medical pendants and ID tags are supposed to help medics diagnose the patient, not confuse them while they’re trying to save the patient.

Styles available

Medical tags and pendants are available in all shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are heart-shaped, round and hexagonal. Be very careful about choosing medical pendant shapes because sometimes they represent a particular type of illness. Allergic medical pendants, for example, are usually rectangular, with the allergen indicated at the front or back of the pendant. Since these medical pendants are mostly distributed by hospital staff themselves, they’ll be able to guide you while you make your choice during the sale.


If you think that white gold is a little too pricey for your pocket, you may also purchase these medical ID tags in yellow gold, silver and bronze. From experience, through, white gold jewelry ages better than other precious metals. Silver, for example, which shares the same color as white gold, tends to fade and taint when wet. White gold jewelry like these medical tags, on the other hand, may be worn by patients even when they’re swimming or taking a bath.

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