The Role of Monitoring Centers and Medical Alert Devies

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  • Date: August 2, 2017
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You may be tempted by services that call directly to 911 instead of contacting a monitoring center. The reality, however, is that the monitoring centre can help ensure that the right people offer help. More calls for help are better handled by having the monitoring Center contact details of friends and family on your contact list, rather than involving emergency personnel. Overuse of 911 services has caused many municipalities ban categories or even accentuate calls emergency medical alert systems that are not routed through a monitoring centre.

In addition to a monthly fee to monitor, some medical alert companies charge fees in advance for transport, installation or purchase or rental of medical alert console. There is no reason to pay any of those fees. There are plenty of reputable medical alert companies that offer free shipping with no advance payments; only cost monthly fee. For installation, configuration, medical alert system is as easy as connecting to an answering machine and does not require any installation.

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