Silver Lockets are Affordable Luxuries

Lockets are beautiful pieces of jewelry, and they are even made more beautiful when they come in precious metals such as platinum and gold. However, it is understandable that not everyone can afford them in that form because platinum and gold are expensive. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful locket even with budget constraints. You can still enjoy the stunning craftsmanship of a locket without spending too much money if you buy silver lockets.

Silver lockets are the more affordable alternative of platinum and gold lockets, but they are no less exquisite. Although having a smaller value, silver is still a precious metal, and that makes silver lockets both excellent gifts and investments for people limited by a particular budget.

If you are thinking of giving away silver lockets as gifts, choose ones with elegant designs. Silver lockets with intricate detailing performed by skilled craftsmen look more expensive than those made of the same material but created by people with lesser skills. Sometimes, silver lockets that have unique shapes and structure with the delicate engravings can look far more luxurious than platinum and gold lockets with plain or common designs.

Aside from financial considerations, silver lockets are a good choice because they provide more variety. This is because silver is softer than either platinum or gold, and thus is more pliable and moldable to a particular shape or pattern. Thus, if you plan to have a jewelry maker create a complicatedly designed locket, you’re better off choosing silver as the metal to work with.

Another reason to choose silver lockets is their color. Some people may not be partial to the yellow hue of gold, so silver is definitely a better option. You may say that white gold and platinum look very much like silver, but in general silver is a bit darker, and some people just like it that way.

Of course there is a downside to getting silver lockets. Compared to platinum and gold, silver oxidizes faster, and that means it sometimes turns black over a long period of time especially if proper care is not applied. If you want to get a silver locket, you can lengthen its luster’s shelf life by not wearing it everyday. Silver lockets will not hold up well under the usual wear and tear of everyday use. It’s best to limit wearing silver lockets during special occasions. Thus it’s advisable to get the dressier designs if you do decide to get silver lockets so they can go well with your formal and semi-formal outfits.

Also, keep your silver lockets clean especially if it’s something you wear often. When not in use, store it properly in a jewelry case, away from extreme temperatures, especially heat and sunlight. This is to ensure that the silver will not turn black. When people complain that their silver lockets turned really dark, it’s usually because they have not been religiously doing proper care on it. In this case a, a little extra care goes a long way.

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