Mother?s Jewelry for Every Age and Stage

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  • Date: October 12, 2010
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Of all the women in our lives, there is no denying that one of the most special—if not THE most special—is our own mother. Thus, it’s only expected that you’ll want to give only the best gifts to your own mom or someone close to you who is a mom as well, and with mother’s jewelry you can never go wrong. After all, most women love receiving and wearing jewelry, whether a mom or not.

Mother’s jewelry can be given on a mom’s birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s, Christmas and Mother’s day. If you’re feeling generous and sentimental, you can give her mother’s jewelry anytime you please. Either way the mom will surely appreciate the gesture. Of course, just because women love jewelry doesn’t mean you can just go pick out any piece. For any mom, it’s ideal to choose a piece of mother’s jewelry that suits her age and personality.

For a sister, other relative, or friend who is a young mom, your choice pieces of mother’s jewelry should both be functional and refreshing. A mom in her twenties can get away with playful and cute mother’s jewelry because of her relatively young age. In her stage of life, mother’s jewelry doesn’t have to be big matronly pieces that will only make her look far older than she really is.

For a mom in her thirties, her mother’s jewelry should be more on elegance and less on cuteness. Of course this doesn’t mean that her jewelry collection should be made up of somber pieces. It’s just means that she should make the gradual transition from young mother’s jewelry to the mature mother’s jewelry. The mantra “dress for your age” is not limited to clothes; it also covers accessories, and that includes jewelry.

Once a mom is in her forties, cute, fun, and playful pieces of mother’s jewelry are more or less out of the question. This mother’s jewelry collection should now be made of pieces that are beautiful in a refined, sophisticated way because at this age, she is at the top of her career. When buying a gift for a mom in her forties, think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and of her string of perfectly round white pearls and a matching pair of pearl earrings. At this stage of her life, the mom in her forties should settle with an elegant yet comfortable look up until her mid fifties, and the right kinds of mother’s jewelry will help achieve that effect.

If you’re planning to give mother’s jewelry to a woman in her late fifties, sixties, and beyond, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to making choices. At this age, the mom is nearing retirement, and that means she’s nearing a life of laying back and relaxing. Thus, you can choose pieces of mother’s jewelry that are colorful, chunky, and bold without being tacky and trendy. It’s still important that the feel of timelessness and the look of class are both retained.

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