Medical ID Bracelets Made Fashionable

A local woman’s love for jewelry and her desire to help a young girl led to a popular medical identification bracelet and a company called Lauren’s Hope. “(Medical ID bracelets) are ugly, and they draw attention to people’s illnesses. People don’t like that. They don’t want to be labeled as being different than everybody else,” said Denise Gaskill, who co-owns Lauren’s Hope. KMBC’s Kelly Eckerman reported that the unique thing about the bracelets is that buyers order one medical tag with all their emergency medical information printed on it. The tag can be attached to any number of bracelets, necklaces or even watches. The bracelets started when the designer made one for her children’s baby sitter, Lauren, who refused to wear her medical identification bracelet. Soon the designer was getting endless requests for the bracelets, and the company, Lauren’s Hope, was started in Riverside. “We developed the Web site, and it started taking off. You would not believe it. It’s been fantastic. (It’s) been on QVC, featured in People Magazine, in the Wall Street Journal. (It’s) just been amazing,” Gaskill said. In addition to the jeweled identification bracelets, there are sporty velcro identification bracelets and bright-colored dog tags, which are popular with boys and men. Eckerman reported that actress Halle Berry has one. Berry has diabetes. For those concerned that a paramedic might mistake the identification bracelet for fashion jewelry, Eckerman reported that responders are

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