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  • Date: September 19, 2010
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Everyday there are people being rushed to hospitals. There isn’t a single day that emergencies will not happen across the world. Emergencies, especially health emergencies, are not a welcoming thought.

When it is all a matter of life and death, every minute or second would mean a lot. In this regard, a medical alert pendant can help in alerting the medical staff to take note of the medical information provided in the pendant.

When the elderly is rushed to the hospital for medical emergency reasons, it is important that the hospital has access to patient’s medical history or information. That’s usually not possible when the patient is not conscious and unaccompanied; but with medical pendant worn as part of a necklace, it can also serve as the key to providing all of the patient’s medical information.

All the medical information that are recorded in the said alert pendant are vital information that can aid doctors in providing the most appropriate medical assistance to the person in a health emergency situation. With the right information on medical information of the patient, doctors will be aware of the medical history – whether a person has allergies or whether a person has undergone a surgical procedure in the past. Perhaps the information regarding the doctor performing such surgery can also be there.

Now, a medical alert ID or medical alert pendant can bear other pertinent information about the patient. It can have the doctor’s name with whom the patient had himself treated for a particular medical condition. It can also have information about his allergies, blood type and other information that are deemed important.

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