Medical Alert Jewelry – Elegant Life Savers

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  • Date: September 19, 2010
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The days are gone when you had no choice but to wear unflattering dog tags if you had a medical condition. Today medical alert jewelry is much more appealing and often looks just like normal jewelry. You can choose pieces that match your mood and your outfit so you never need to leave home without your life-saving medical information.

Of course, if you like the look of dog tags, you’ll gladly know they are still readily available. You can buy them already imprinted with your medical diagnosis or you can have yours engraved with whatever information you need to provide.

There’s also several cute choices in medical alert bracelets that would appeal to young males and females. Girls can choose an alert badge attached to delicate colorful beads, while guys would probably prefer a badge attached to a sports band. Bracelets can be luxurious and made from silver or gold. They can be designed to look like a watch or charm bracelet.

Another popular choice in med alert jewelry is the pendant. Here you will find all kinds in styles as this type of jewelry lends itself to many different interpretations. It can even be tucked away inside your shirt if you would rather have the less-is-more look.

Since most people usually wear a watch, a terrific way to make medical alert jewelry functional is to wear a medical alert watch. These work just like traditional watches and have an area that you should engrave your medical condition.

Maybe you don’t like wearing jewelry at all but still want the protection of med alert jewelry. You’ll be happy to know you can buy shoe tags that attach to your laces. So long as you are wearing your shoes, you repeatedly carrying your medical details.

Medical alert jewelry, is of course, more important than being a mere fashion piece. It could actually save your life. A medical alert badge is your voice when you are unable to speak for yourself. Medics and ER personnel are trained to find medical alert jewelry when arriving upon an unresponsive patient.

If you have a life threatening medical condition, there is no reason not have med alert jewelry. You can buy it off the rack, pre-inscribed with your medical condition, for just a couple dollars. Of course, you can also spend much more if you would like higher end jewelry.

Medi alert jewelry may come in a lot of different styles but them all have one thing in common, they carry a logo that identifies them to be a medical alert. The logo may be a red cross, caduceus, or the word “alert.” When medics see it, they can instantly read what your medical condition is so appropriate treatment can be given.

Medical alert jewelry traditionally comes with an accompanying wallet card that provides more extensive medical information. If a medic comes across you unresponsive and sees your alert jewelry, he knows to find your wallet card. Some pendants can carry your medical information rolled up in a tiny document or on a computer chip.

Medical alert jewelry made a great progress way but still works to keep you safe when you aren’t able to speak for yourself. If you have a severe allergy or medical disorder, one of these simple alerts could literally save your life. After all, when you can’t speak, how will anyone know what medications you are allergic to or who your doctor is, if you don’t have the information on you?

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