Gold Lockets are Gifts That Keep on Giving

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  • Date: October 14, 2010
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Perhaps some of the most intimate pieces of jewelry are gold lockets. They’re at the same level as wedding bands, engagement rings, and family heirlooms. After all, there are no other kinds of jewelry that are more suited for carrying your loved ones closest to your heart—both literally and figuratively—than gold lockets.

Gold lockets are very special in three ways—the metal with which they are made is precious; they’re usually beautifully done; and lastly, they can be personalized with engraving and pictures. Gold lockets are more than pieces of jewelry that are worn for adornment; they’re also keepsakes of treasured memories.

Gold lockets are perfect as gifts for special occasions for precisely the same reason. During wedding anniversaries, jewelry is always a welcome gift. It can be made even more special than ever if it comes in the form of a gold locket containing a picture of the couple on their wedding day. As an example, imagine your grandmother’s pleasant surprise upon receiving a gold locket with her and your grandfather’s wedding photo fifty years ago. This is something she’ll truly cherish.

Or what about a newlywed couple? You can give them a gold locket with a photo of the two of them together. Since gold jewelry lasts for a very long time, you can be sure that the gold locket you’ll give them is something that they’ll still appreciate even fifty years from now. It can even become a family heirloom to be passed from one generation to the next. Gold lockets completely beat expensive appliances as gifts because the latter can last only a few years before they get obsolete or broken down, whichever comes first.

If you’re part of a couple yourself, whether married or not, make your partner happy by giving him or her a gold locket with a picture of the two of you in it. Most people think that gold lockets are only for women. It may be true that most designs are feminine, but that doesn’t mean that designs for men don’t exist. Gold lockets for men may not be as common as those for women, but those that are available have stunning and intricate designs that even the most discerning man can value.

As mentioned before, gold lockets make the perfect gift for other people, but they also make the perfect gift for yourself. Exquisitely crafted jewelry made from the finest gold is a good investment, so think about getting a gold locket as not just a treat but also a smart financial move. You’ll not only put your money to great use, but you’ll also be able to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry around your neck that bears your own picture, your loved ones’ photos, or just an inspiring inscription. When you have your own children, a gold locket is something you can pass on to them as a gift when they’re older. By that time it’ll be already a valuable antique that has a higher worth than when you first bought it.

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