Emergency Bracelets

Emergency bracelets are valuable resources in providing medical help to the ill and injured. They can serve as identification tags for the medical personnel when they are out in the field.

The first safety feature of Emergency bracelets is that they are capable of providing multiple functions. From providing assistance in the form of communication, data entry, and rapid communication to gathering information about the patient. An emergency bracelet may also be equipped with a chest-phone which, when activated, enables the wearer to make calls for patients who are located far away from the location of the Emergency bracelet.

Medical ID bracelets can contain a variety of tools such as thermometers, x-ray equipment, and recorders. They are usually made up of a flexible plastic shell, micro-switches, a power supply, and an alarm. Each Medical ID bracelet may contain up to eight parts. Some bracelets are also equipped with a battery backup.

These bracelets are able to provide quick and efficient medical information in the form of patient-biometric and medical documentation. It is designed to store and display the medical records, vital signs, and blood-pressure readings of a patient. Other Information stored in these bracelets may include: name, address, age, gender, blood pressure, pulse rate, pulse oximeter, heart rate, temperature, visual impressions, hearing levels, stethoscope, prescription medications, a map of the facility where the patient is, medication and toxicology monitoring, and other related reports.

Medical bracelets are useful in managing the patients in the field without having to be constantly on guard. They provide the essential personal care for the ill and injured, which otherwise would be out of reach. The doctor may carry the medical ID bracelet and use it to contact the concerned authorities in case of emergencies.

There are two types of bracelets. The first is the handheld one that fits onto the hand. These are used to display the medical images and vital signs. They are carried by the physician or technician while they perform their duties.

The second type is the body-worn bracelets. These are worn on the head and provide a clear view of the medical documents and vital signs. They are effective in providing clear information about the medical condition of the patient. In addition, these bracelets may have emergency tags which could help save the life of the patient.

When you think of the importance of health care, the idea of using medical bracelets makes perfect sense. These bracelets are equipped with special features to make the job of the medical staff easier.

These bracelets can also be used as communication aids between a doctor and his patients, when the latter is out in the field. When an emergency occurs, these bracelets may be used to transmit urgent instructions and information to the patients who are far away from the field.

The advantage of medical bracelets is that they provide personalized services for a given purpose. This enables the medical staff to cater to the needs of patients and the most seriously ill.

As a rule, medical bracelets are easily available and affordable. They have become an indispensable asset in the lives of doctors and medical professionals.

Medical Bracelets are Practical & Stylish

Who can tell how many lives have been saved because of medical
alert bracelets. But it can be safely said that many owe their lives to the
medical staff who were able to quickly find out their medical history because
it was written on their bracelet.

If you need special medical care because you have a condition such
as diabetes or epilepsy or other condition that needs to be taken into account
in an emergency then you should have this on your alert bracelet. This is
especially true if you are not conscious or otherwise aware at the time of your
medical emergency.

If you are allergic to medication such as penicillin you want your
medical staff to know this in case you are not able to communicate with them.
The medical professionals feel more confident treating people with medical
bracelets when that person is unable to communicate with them.

Even if you are able to communicate the information on your
bracelet can confirm what you tell the emergency staff because in an emergency
you might not be able to think clearly. If you are asked what type of
medication you take and it can be verified by what is written on your bracelet
then the medical personnel can determine if there is any potential dangerous
interaction with what they want to administer in an emergency situation.

Children who are too young to communicate effectively should have
an alert bracelet if they have a medical condition that emergency medical staff
should know before treating them. The cell phone of the parent should also be
on the bracelet so the parent can be called right away to give permission for
medical treatment.

If someone in your family suffers from confusion then a bracelet
is not a choice it is a requirement. The news has stories regularly about
elderly people who are found wandering in the city without any idea of where
they live or their phone number or even their name sometimes. This can be
avoided if they are wearing a bracelet with all their contact information and
also the name of the relative they are living with and that person’s cell phone

The medical bracelet however is not only for the elderly and the
child or for those with special medical needs; everyone should wear one. If you
are healthy, then great. But if you are in an emergency medical situation and
you need a blood transfusion then if your bracelet can tell the emergency staff
your blood type no time will be lost testing your blood. If you are in an
emergency your spouse will want to know right away.

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If you have a bracelet with your spouse’s cell phone number then
he or she can be alerted immediately. And would you not want to know as soon as
possible if your husband or wife is involved in an medical emergency? Your next
gift to your spouse should be an alert bracelet.

You will be surprised that these bracelets are now actual pieces of
jewelry, they are not glorified hospital bands. You will have a large selection
of styles and colors that will go with all your wardrobe. In fact have a
different style medical alert bracelet for all your occasions. Have one for
work, for play, and one for evening wear.




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