Activewear Slim Medical ID Bracelet

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This is a short overview of the ActiveWear [popup_product]Slim Medical ID Bracelet[/popup_product]. The ActiveWear Slim medical identity band is ideal for those who stay a dynamic lifestyle. These exciting plastic rings, waterproof and sweatproof are latex- and obtainable in selection of hues including green, taupe, mint and lavender and it is offered in styles 6″ ” and 8″. The ActiveWear Slim Medical identification necklace includes a half x one-half and one— one inch medical alert plaque which includes the globally regarded, bold crimson caduceus symbol that IM personnel EMTs, and also other first responders are trained to consider. This plaque could be engraved with around three traces of wording and can be etched strong, dark or using standard circular engraving -packed laser engraving Lauren’s Wish supplies greatest customer-service, the finest quality and quick delivery.

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